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2014-09-30  "We the People" Must Become "We the Political" — Now!

This is a 15,000-word work-in-progress excerpt from Doug's latest book. The book is "a long critique of our socio-economic-war-filled existence." It both describes and analyzes the current world political and economic situation. Special emphasis is placed on the USA, twice number one in the world: both the richest nation ever and the most militarist-terrorist-war mongering of regimes.

2014-04-28  Israel and the United States Must Not Make War   A brief excerpt of Doug's new book

2014-02-05  There's a new section on the website. It's called Books Online. You can now read some of Doug's longer works in their entirety right here. The first olive out of the jar is At the Cliff's Edge, Doug's prescient look (2006/2007) at the looming disaster that was 2008.

Naturally, Doug puts things in historical context, which is to say that he gives continuity and perspective to the miseries — large and small — that we the 99 percent face. He notes that things don't have to be the way they are. It's up to us to change the state of affairs that torments us.

Jim Cypher, Doug's friend. fellow professor, and former colleague for years on Radio KPFA, wrote Doug that he thought that Cliff's Edge was the best book that Doug has done. It is a great read. And it's just the first olive online, so to speak.

There will be more longer works by Doug on the site soon.